Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting To Know The Blogger

Hello!, Welcome to Exploiting The Exploiters, A new blog featuring me!

[Photo may not be 100% accurate]
On this blog i will be reviewing DVDs, Blu rays, and Movies (Mostly old exploitation and horror films)
 but before i get into any of that i think it might be a good idea to give all 2 of you reading this a little info about me.

My favorite film: Fight Club
My favorite TV show: The Young Ones
My favorite video game: Half Life 2
My favorite book: Different Seasons by Stephan King
My favorite person in the whole wide world: ME

My least-favorite film: Open Water
My least-favorite TV show: ANY Simpsons episode Post-Season 20
My least-favorite video game: E.T
My least-favorite book: ALL of the Twilight books
       My least-favorite person in the whole wide world: Every one else

That's pretty much all one needs to know about me.
So i guess check back in the coming weeks for some more posts.
And now i'm stumped on how to end this so i'm probably just going to stop typing mid senten.

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