Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ganjasaurus Rex (1987) Review

Ok so this will be my first review and to celebrate i chose a film that i have some history with.
The film is called Ganjasaurus rex, It was apparently made in Southern Humboldt County, CA in 1987 by a bunch of friends while high off there ass.

 The basic plot involves a bunch of stoners trying to grow a strain of weed that will "Grow as high as a redwood tree". Meanwhile an anti drug group are cracking down on the pot growers and accidentally awaken an ancient species of dinosaur.

The Title Creature
The monster also happens to have a fondness for this particular strain of weed dating back to prehistoric time as explained by Dr. Wily.

The aforementioned history i have with this film isn't as special as one might think.
I first herd about this movie several years ago while browsing the web and was instantly intrigued by the terrible fx. then i spen the next few years on and off hunting this film down unable to find it in any form except one vhs of the film on for $100. I am not the kind of person who will spend that much on a film they are just curious about so i kept searching on and off and then one day someone uploaded it to youtube (see below) i was thrilled and i finally got to see this film. And its boring. Really really boring.


If you should want to watch this film you can find it on youtube
Or if you so wish you can download it here.

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