Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Last Shark AKA Great White (1981) Review

I consider myself a connoisseur in badly made killer shark movies, Cruel Jaws, Deep Blood, Monster Shark, Aatank etc. But of all of these types of movies my favorite would have to be The Last Shark directed by Enzo G. Castellari.

This film is considered to be one of the most blatant rip offs of Steven Spielberg's Jaws. So blatant in fact that after only being in theaters for a few days in the US it was pulled due to a lawsuit from universal claiming that the film was too similar to Jaws. And the film has not be released in America since.

How ever as with any film of this type if has become a staple of bootleg circles to the point that its really not that hard to find anymore. It is also worth mentioning it was officially released on dvd in Denmark, Sweden and Italy.

So the plot,
The film begins with a windsurfer who appears to be dancing to cheesy italian disco track planing over the footage of him.

And then suddenly out of nowhere SHOCK TWIST... he gets eaten.
one of his friends tell her father, a writer named Peter (subtle), that he has disappeared.
Peter realizes its a shark but the evil governor denies the truth because the big windsurfing regatta is coming up.

So to make a short story a little bit shorter everything goes wrong, Peters daughter gets her leg bit off, the governor dies etc. So Peter and Qui.. uhh i mean Ron Hammer, an old grizzled shark hunter, go after the shark but Ron eventually dies.

Then the shark pulls part of a pier with a bunch of people on it (Including Peters wife) out to sea.

Peter comes to save the day and Manages to get everyone on to a boat.
But he becomes trapped on the pier himself and instead of the people on the boat trying to help him, he is left to fend for himself. But then out of nowhere the body of Ron pops up (Oh i forgot to mention he was wearing a dynamite belt when he died and Peter has the detonator) and Peter has the idea to feed the body to the shark and...

The End.

Throughout this plot summery i may have portrayed this film in a somewhat negative light and looking at this objectively its a really bad film but i just cant help but love it.
Its just good ol' silly fun and if you're looking for something fun to watch you could do a lot worse.


If you want to see this film you can watch it on Youtube

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ganjasaurus Rex (1987) Review

Ok so this will be my first review and to celebrate i chose a film that i have some history with.
The film is called Ganjasaurus rex, It was apparently made in Southern Humboldt County, CA in 1987 by a bunch of friends while high off there ass.

 The basic plot involves a bunch of stoners trying to grow a strain of weed that will "Grow as high as a redwood tree". Meanwhile an anti drug group are cracking down on the pot growers and accidentally awaken an ancient species of dinosaur.

The Title Creature
The monster also happens to have a fondness for this particular strain of weed dating back to prehistoric time as explained by Dr. Wily.

The aforementioned history i have with this film isn't as special as one might think.
I first herd about this movie several years ago while browsing the web and was instantly intrigued by the terrible fx. then i spen the next few years on and off hunting this film down unable to find it in any form except one vhs of the film on for $100. I am not the kind of person who will spend that much on a film they are just curious about so i kept searching on and off and then one day someone uploaded it to youtube (see below) i was thrilled and i finally got to see this film. And its boring. Really really boring.


If you should want to watch this film you can find it on youtube
Or if you so wish you can download it here.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting To Know The Blogger

Hello!, Welcome to Exploiting The Exploiters, A new blog featuring me!

[Photo may not be 100% accurate]
On this blog i will be reviewing DVDs, Blu rays, and Movies (Mostly old exploitation and horror films)
 but before i get into any of that i think it might be a good idea to give all 2 of you reading this a little info about me.

My favorite film: Fight Club
My favorite TV show: The Young Ones
My favorite video game: Half Life 2
My favorite book: Different Seasons by Stephan King
My favorite person in the whole wide world: ME

My least-favorite film: Open Water
My least-favorite TV show: ANY Simpsons episode Post-Season 20
My least-favorite video game: E.T
My least-favorite book: ALL of the Twilight books
       My least-favorite person in the whole wide world: Every one else

That's pretty much all one needs to know about me.
So i guess check back in the coming weeks for some more posts.
And now i'm stumped on how to end this so i'm probably just going to stop typing mid senten.